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Membership Benefits & Fees
Newell Regional Tourism Association Tourism Membership benefits include:

• Opportunities to participate in marketing initiatives, including leveraged
advertising through Travel Alberta, in select brochures and guides, as well as special advertising offers through NRTA publications and initiatives.

• Display and distribution of your business’s brochures in local Visitor Information Centre’s both within and outside of the Newell Region.

• Participation in NRTA and Travel Alberta Workshops and Seminars to assist you in your marketing needs, and education related to the tourism industry, right here in your own community, as well as those being offered in various other cities in our region.

• Members are always recommended first to visitors and those making enquiries about services in our area, at NRTA affiliated Visitor Information Centres, as well as on the Newell Regional Tourism Association Website.

• Special highlights on the NRTA Website for all member venues and services

• Opportunities to market your events free of charge through the NRTAs weekly and seasonal Newsletters, both by email and posted on the Website.

• Membership gives you a voice in establishing the marketing direction of Newell Regional Tourism and effective lobbying of tourism concerns. Members are also welcome to apply to sit on the NRTA Board of Directors.

To become a member of Newell Regional Tourism Association, simply call our office at 403 793-8064 for an application

Fee Schedule for Newell Regional Tourism Membership

Municipalities / First Nations
$1 per capita

Small business (10 or less employees)

Medium-small business (11 to 20 employees)

Medium Business (21 to 40 employees)

Medium Large Business (41 to 60 employees)

Large Business (more than 60 employees)

Non Profit and Service Groups

Campgrounds, Trailer Parks, RVs

Events, Festivals, Rodeos, etc (for stand alone events)

GST is not included

GST: 855188322RT0001