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Welcome to the Newell Regional Tourism Association.

About the Newell Region
The Newell Region has an abundance of campgrounds in the area, some of which are Lake Newell, Crawling Valley Reservoir and Rolling Hills Reservoir. If you enjoy boating, swimming, fishing, sailing or bird watching there is a place for you here. We also have a wide variety of sites to see including historic and educational as well as a multitude of recreational attractions and events. Some of the sites include The Brooks Aqueduct – a National/Provincial Historical Site, Dinosaur Provincial Park – A World Heritage Site, Brooks and District Museum, EID Historical Park with a working elevator, and The Canadian Pheasant Company. Some events that take place each year are the Brooks Kinsmen Pro Rodeo, Bassano Amateur Rodeo, Canada Day Events in various communities, Shakespeare in the Park, Patricia Rodeo, Newell Sailing Regatta and Cactus Pheasant Curling Classic.

Of course, being on vacation doesn't mean forgetting to take steps to be fit. There's a ton of fitness activities one can do in Newell. Aside from engaging in outdoor activities, you can also do it indoors, by purchasing an exercise bike or a treadmill, but be sure to research on bike or treadmill reviews first to get the model or brand that's right for your needs.

 Events Calendar

If there is something happening in the newell region, you will see it listed in our calendar. Our aim is to have the most comprehensive list of events in the region. Our calendar data can also be added to your RSS feeds in your Outlook e-mail or web browser and new events will appears in your RSS listing as they are added to our site. If you have any events you would like to see included, or you have any other queries about things to do and where to go in Newell, contact jolsen@nrta.ca.

 Photo Galley

Take a long look at our photo gallery. We have a library of 1000's of digital photos. The old saying "a picture is worth a thousand words" is still true and that being the case, our gallery will have a lot to say about the attractions and events in the region.

 Video Gallery
Take a look at several videos of attractions in the Newell Regional Tourism Association area. More videos are being produced and posted all the time so check back often for new content.

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